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Here at Polarwall we have always emphasised the importance of training and we never ever describe ICF construction as "lego blocks" or "child's play" - it is concrete formwork made mostly of air, which is used to create a mold for "liquid rock"! Certainly not childs play and be wary of anyone using such glib phrases. However, with some proper training, ongoing technical backup, and by an experienced person being there for your first concrete pour, we believe that anyone with basic carpentry skills can be taught how to build a perfect structure!

Firstly, we use an online training system to fully explain the system and all are welcome to join one of our online classes, which are held most Tuesday evenings and last about an hour. Everybody is welcome - even if you just want to see if you would be able to do it, or even if you are planning to build with our ICF competition. You can come back in as many times as you like.


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