Polarwall - insulating concrete formwork


Sometimes, we hear of salespeople talking about ICF construction in terms of "Lego blocks" and "child's play" which is glib and possibly dishonest! In reality, any concrete formwork can (and does) burst, blow, bend and break and fills many experienced builders with fear and trepidation! And in ICF construction we are trying to hold liquid rock in place with alot of air and a little plastic ! Whatever it is, it is DEFINITELY NOT CHILD'S PLAY - and if anybody says this to you then run a mile!

However, with proper training, ongoing backup, proper checking of formwork prior to the pour, and attendance of the ICF supplier on site for the concrete pour, then building in ICF can be a rewarding and wonderful experience. We say that, if someone has basic carpentry skills and understands "square level & true" then we can train them to build an ICF home that they can be proud of - AND we make sure that this is the case by being on site to give them back-up as and when needed.

Whether we are dealing with self-builders, or pro-builders or even professional formworkers, we always give the proper and full training in our methods starting with our online training...


Anybody and everybody is welcome to take part in our Webinar Training session, where we use 3D models, photographs, and videos to got through the components and the assembly process. If you are a prospective selfbuilder and want to know exactly what is involved in building with Polarwall then sit in on one of the sessions.