Polarwall - insulating concrete formwork

Energy efficient construction with Polarwall - an ideal home, one that saves energy and helps prevents climate change


'typical new
build homes
in the UK
use three
and half
times more
energy than
those in
Denmark or

Since October 2003 average energy prices have increased by a staggering 91% for gas and 58% for electricity, with the average household bill, now standing at over £1000 [1].

Coupled with this economic effect, is the impact globally on the environment, through increased energy consumption. As much as a quarter of all UK CO2 emissions come from the way we heat our homes [2].

33% of heat escapes through the walls of our house, using Polarwall can help to dramatically reduce this, we can even provide you with a house that doesn't need heating at all.

Offering excellent energy efficiency is also a good selling point. With the introduction of new HIPS and energy performance certificates (EPC), it is expected that Polarwall will significantly enhance the energy rating of a new house compared with a traditionally constructed building.

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