Polarwall - insulating concrete formwork

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More and more swimming pool contractors have been turning to Polarwall formwork as a method of creating energy efficient pools. Until recently we never pushed or promoted our products for this purpose despite being used by one of the UK's largest swimming pool contractors for forming mainly commerical pools in leisure centres, health spas and hotels. We have now spent some time with some pool builders to find out what they need and to develop our products to meet their needs. They asked for:

1. Water resistant insulation - this was no problem as we use Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) in our formwork rather than Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), and we would nt dream of using EPS where moisture might be an issue (as in pools and basements).

2. "Fair- faced" concrete finish - pool builders who are building commercial pools usually prefer to have insulation to outside face and a plain concrete finish to the inside ready for tiling.. Our "R-rail" solution answers this need perfectly.

3. Pool walls and slab poured in one -we developed a "pool block" especially designed for this purpose and to fit perfectly to our formwork. This has proved to be a big hit with the builders for both time and cost savings.

To learn more about building pools with Polarwall formwork please give us a call and ask to see our online demo of a pool build.