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Large Panel Assembly & Floating Factory

When we say "Large Panel" we dont mean a bit oversized - we are talking about very large panels formed offsite with factory control and cost advantage of factory repetition to bring a completely new concept of construction to the world of ICF...


Curved Walls Made Easy

Building curved structures does not have to be difficult or expensive. We show you how to design and build this wonderfully eye-catching feature simply and cost-effectively.


Grand Designs

Polarwall on Grand Designs

Polarwall was used on a recent episode of Channel 4’s Grand Designs and both houseowner and Kevin McLeod were impressed by the thermal, cost and speed efficiencies of our product.


German Basement Construction

When specialist German basement company Freestand Kellerbau started to review ICF basement systems their first reaction was disappointment at the quality of some of the ICF systems. 


Living Wall

When it was decided to replace the Grant Thorold Library in Grimsby, the town’s architects wanted to create something special...A living wall of plants


The Quietest Self Build

We have met some impressive selfbuilders and Tony greatly impressed us with his design and build abilities....


New housing development completed

Another eco-housing development has been built using Polarwall. The 14 units built in the North East have all been built to Code Level 3 and are considered to be amongst some of the most energy efficient in the region.


How airtight is your house?

Time and again, Polarwall exceeds the required airtightness levels laid out by current and future regulations. Find out how you can build to 2016 zero carbon levels NOW!


Stay in a Polarwall house

Polarwall has supplied it's ICF materials to construct 3 holiday homes in the Scottish Highlands. Find out how you can stay in these wonderful houses.


Read a frank and honest account of a self builder's experience using Polarwall

Ray and Linda Thomas have submitted their own account of building with Polarwall. Their house, built in the beautiful Pembrokeshire countryside is fine example of how to build a luxury detached home.


Maximum soundproofing with Polarwall

With building regulations requiring ever increasing levels of sound reduction from adjoining properties, Polarwall has designed an acoustic solution to provide an effective noise barrier between dwellings. Find out more...


Polarwall completes SmartLife project

15 more houses have been added to the portfolio of contracts constructed using the Polarwall products. The development was completed ahead of time by one of Polarwall's contractors.


Concrete's green credentials

There is often a huge misconception about concrete and it's impact on the environment. In fact concrete as a building material is about as green as you get. Polarwall is no exception in this case as it provides all the benefits of a concrete structure as well offering superb insulation to drive down energy consumption and emissions of carbon dioxide.

More information can be found by visiting

The Concrete Centre or Sustainable Concrete websites


Swimming ahead

Polarwall is actively supplying its product to build swimming pools by teaming up with one of the UK's largest pool contractors. Read on to find out more.


New innovative R-Wall

Polarwall has introduced it's R Wall that offers a concrete finish to the inside of the wall, thus aiding the thermal mass of the structure. Find out more...