Polarwall - insulating concrete formwork

Curved Walls Made Simple

Building curved and radius walls has never been easier than with Polarwall. The concept is simplicity itself and, unlike any other ICF system, there are no special moudings to be made, so that we can create any radius to built to any height from our standard components.

Furthermore, we do it simply and cost effectively!

We build the curved walls with the formwork running vertically instead of horizontally and we cut the inner boards to a slightly smaller size than the outer boards. This creates a subtle multi faceted curve to the exact required radius.

To help us get the board sizig exact we have a special programme that calculates the various dimensions needed to create a particular radius or curve and then we pre-cut the boards to the exact size on our CNC hotwire cutter..

Here is how we work with you to make it simple.

1. You tell us the specification of the wall and the radius that you want.

2. We put the information into our radius calculaton programme and it then tells the respective sizes of the inner and outer boards to create a centle multi faceted curved wall.

3. We use our CNC Hot-Wire Machine to cut the boards to the exact sizes needed.

4. We send these to site for assembly on site and the required radius is created automaticallyas the boards are assembled together.

It is so simple to do that we do not charge any premium for this service and it doesnt take the builder any significant time to assemble and brace the curve.

What about Freehand Curves?

These are a little more difficult than a simple radius and we would suggest that it is best to run one radius curve into another to create that S shape. But if you really want to design some freehand curves then these too can be created in Polarwall formwork.

Ready to include some curves in your next build??